2017 Vice Presidents

Among the most valued supporters of the Whitacres & Shustoke Horticultural Society’s Annual Show are our Vice Presidents whose enthusiastic commitment is vital and whose subscriptions are an essential and reliable source of income. Appreciation for their support is shown in the benefits they enjoy.


President: Phil Page

Mrs Ann Haywood
Mr Alan Haywood
Mrs Margaret Pearman
Ms Mel Smith
Mrs Christine Maclaren
Mr Simon Calder
Mr Terry Waters
Ms Cheryl Dilley
Mrs Gillian Bridges
Mr D Ingram
Mr Richard Calder
Mrs Lorrine Calder
Mr Geoff Aston

Ms Penny Lines
Mr John Pendleton
Mr Brian Moss
Mr Ian Rix
Mrs Gill Rix
Mr Frank Fletcher
Mr and Mrs Allport
Mr Keith Leigh
Mr and Mrs Partington
Mr Peter Barlow
Ms Debra Starkey
Ms Sarah Harding
Mr Peter Robson
Dr Rosemary Edge

Mr Robert Day
Mr and Mrs Gerald Ingram
Mr Richard Prosser
Mr Tony Rumble
Mrs Sue Russell
Mrs Jemma James
Mrs Jacqui Hands
Mr Tony and Mrs Ann Henry
Mr Ben and Ms Gemma Henry
Mr Gary Cashmore
Mr Keith Richard Woodward
Mr Craig Tracey
Mr Matt Symonds
Mr Robert Taylor


The often unsung heroes of our show are the multitude of individuals and companies who are keen to give us support through sponsorship. We would very much like to thank our sponsors, without whose support the show would struggle to maintain its high standards.



The invaluable support given to this show by our Sponsors and Vice Presidents has already been acknowledged but we would like to extend our grateful thanks to the many other individuals and companies whose commitment, kindness and generosity have been vital to the organisation of this, the 70h Annual Show. Please forgive us if we have inadvertently missed anyone from this list.

Our special thanks to:

  • Sir William and Lady Dugdale and The Merevale & Blyth Estate
  • Lord Henry Plumb for continued patronage
  • Dr Rosemary Edge – patronage
If you would like more information on how you can contribute to the show please complete our enquiry form.