Just for kids!

Once again there is plenty to keep your little ones entertained during the day.

This year’s attractions include bouncy castle and slide, Punch and Judy from Clive Chandler, face painting, glitter art and much more!

The Falconry Centre

A unique and unforgettable experience – two flying displays throughout the day and a static display of assorted birds.

The team will consist of a selection of birds and may include birds such as Harris Hawks, Barn Owl, Eagle Owls, Falcons and at least one of their larger impressive birds: an Eagle or Vulture.

The flying display consists of Hawks and Owls flying at very close quarters to people and falcons flying at speeds of over 40mph.

Minibeast Roadshow

Natural World Experience is a family run business dedicated to sharing our lifelong knowledge and experience with you.

As a child, raised in the countryside, I would spend many a happy hour den building, bug hunting, bird watching etc. These activities are sadly lacking from many modern childhoods.
We think it is very important that children are introduced to these types of activities, which can spark a lifelong interest in Science and Nature..

Punch and Judy Show

With Clive Chandler you will enjoy a magical moment of entertainment.

Clive has 30 years of experience with a reputation of delivering high quality performances in a variety of settings.

He has appeared at a number of festivals both in the UK and abroad. Clive also works with large dancing puppets and has directed international puppet theatre projects.